Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our first photo together!

He sure LOVES Money.

He still LOVES his BYU football and might hurt you if you Like anything but them.
Today is Blake's 6th Birthday! He is the best! I love him so much. Not only was he my first nephew. But. he was also my first roommate. (besides my sisters). We got to spend a lot of time together! these are some of my favorite photos of him. I don't know how I got so lucky to be his aunt. Not only aunt. BUT favorite aunt! Him and Jaxon got to come up to Logan for a sleepover. a week before I moved home. We had a GREAT time! He's so sweet. This morning I had to watch him and his brothers and make sure he got up for school because Erica had to go to Jury Duty. McKay woke up at like 7:40 am. And I couldn't get him back to sleep. Blake comes in Erica's room around 7:45 and picks up McKay to calm him down. And I made him breakfast. we made egg in the middles. It was great spending his birthday morning with him! Last Friday he had a birthday party. Not only did he have like 24 people there. and  it being so crazy. But I never thought that I would ever hear these words out of my Erica's mouth at a KINDERGARTEN party! "Mason you HAVE to stop kissing the girls!" Holy crap. these kids couldn't stop kissing each other. He threw a kickin' party apparently. I don't know how I went 18 years without this kid in my life. but the last six sure have been the BEST! And he still hugs and kisses me. Every time I see him!

Top six reasons why I love Blake Martin Goulding:
1. He calls any kind of stylish pants "hot pants"
2. He calls me Lars sometimes.
3. He's is so cute and funny.
4.He Loves his family so much!
5. He LOVES celebrating anything and any presents.
6. He still loves sleepovers with his favorite Aunt Laura.
Chicks do dig him! One of  his friends told Erica that this girl kisses him everyday on the bus!
He adores his brothers more than anything!

He is so great!

One of our first of many Sleepovers
many mornings together.
He still loves sleepovers with me.
He's got a swag sense of style. Went to church with me when we were in the Library. He wanted to make copies so bad!
stool head at my apt in Logan..
Eating at Angie's in Logan. "where the locals eat!"
He loves his brother. and Disneyland.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My reality show

So I found this photo a while back. and it definitely described me. Mostly because I have wanted to have my own reality show for the last few years. The only reason I really started a blog was because I didn't have my own reality show yet. One day I will. One day! I hope that it is soon. I am not sure how to get the black part of the photo off. So just pretend it isn't there! When I do start filming, it will definitely have to be up to Salt lake because I have discovered that you cannot be angry nor sad while there. There is SO much to do. and such great things on each street. Even the most ghetto of streets will have such gems as the greatest most wonderfully weird names stores. like say The Pickle Store. That reminds me of Juan and Oscar. When they were pickle plantation owners. Partners in pickles is what they did! something close to that name. Midget chocolate shops. and some pretty great hobos trying to find something in the weeds. or a chatting with a biker at a stop light. and getting a high five from him. I went to Salt Lake Monday to Pick up Kelsey from the airport with Amberly. Man. those guys are the best. I am one lucky gal to be friends with them.

The great biker that gave me a high five!
This is Juan and Oscar. Juan was my guy with the cape! Oscar was Kari's guy. They were BFFs. but Juan. has no legs now.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

List of things that you cannot be angry nor sad doing

Obiviously i made my list in Logan. so its really a list of things in Logan that I was doing.
Lars list of 50 things that you cannot be angry nor sad while doing:
1. Riding a scooter
2. Seeing midgets
3. Watching a sunset
4. Listening to the following bands; Bishop Allen, Matt Costa, The Shins, Of Monsters And Men, Mumford and Sons, Modest Mouse, 'We Are Young' by Fun. And 'Somebody I Used To Know' by Walk Off The Earth
5. Looking at old church library posters
6. Being with Lars
7. Being with Madie
8. Watching the following shows: Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, It's Kind Of A Funny Story, The Hangover 1&2, Bridesmaids, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snoging, House Bunny, Lars and The Real Girl, New Girl, Evan Almighty and The Big Bang Theory
9. Making lists
10. Making out
11. Voxing
12. Instagraming
13. Being with my best friends
14. Telling riddles/jokes
15. When Madie drinks mt. Dew
16. Sun glass shopping
17. Wearing sun glasses
18. Apparently I forgot this number because I went from 17 straight to 19. So missing numbers on lists haha
19. Making inside jokes
20. Looking at or watching anything with Zac Efron
21. Watching anything with Zach Galifaniakis
22. Reminiscing about anything ridiculous from our pasts
23. Frisbeeing
24. Golfing
25. Talking about Germany
26. Talking about how Madie and I wished we were skateboarders
27. Receiving/sending mail
28. Free pens
29. Eating Candy
30. Weird words/phrases
31. Eating nutella
32. Tuesday date nights
33. Drinking with a straw
34. Thinking about crock pots
35. Playing with pin art
36. Eating with a midget spoon
37. Anything Vegas
38. Picnicking
39. Eating cafe rio
40. Drinking a juice box
41. Being in a hammock and playing the harmonica
42. Becoming a true aggie
43. Celebrating earth day
44. Bob Ross-anything
45. Writing on 'I didn't realize you were cool until...' post it notes
46. Playing mancala
47. Being at DI
48. Celebrating weird holiday
49. Being serenaded
50. playing rummmikub. Being the one everyone expecting to lose. THEN taking the upset. And winning!
"I didn't realize you were cool until..." post its.
Reminiscing about ridiculous things from your childhood.
"You Jerk!" in German
True Aggie card. so when I tell people I am a True Aggie. they believe me.
Celebrating weird holidays
Church Library poster and DI all in one photo.
Being Serenaded
Vegas and 'The hangover"
Zach Galifianakis cups
Add caption
My favorite Midgets
Bishop Allen. My Favorite band.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My summer kick it list

As most of you know. I love lists. Cause you cannot be angry nor sad when making a list.
I am going to post about my kick it list for the summer because I am determined to have the best summer of my life.
Lars summer kick it list in no particular order:
1. Learn how to play the guitar with Kyle.
2. Go to Vegas.
3. Road trip with Kelsey, Amberly, Lindsey, Brittany and Erin.
4. Go to Jackson Hole to see Madie
5. make dragon school happen with Jen.
6. Be outside more
7. get along with my mom
8. Get my temple recommend and go weekly
9. Do more things with Gage and Mehul
10. Blog more
11. Keep eating healthy
12. Be a full tithe payer
13. Be pen pals with Madie all summer/life
14. Watch arrested development with Jen. And make her love it. And with Kelsey and Amberly
15. Watch The Art of Getting By with Erin
16. See Amy when she comes down-she's coming down this week. And I so excited
17. See Ollie-my coworker sometimes
18. Hang out with Jessa more
19. Save everything I can for these trips
20. Take a million photos
21. Play more mancala
22. Spend time with Jared
23. Spend time with savannah
24. Spend time with Celeste
25. Spend time with Hailey and Sarah
26. Continue enjoying new music
27. Keep my head up. And not fret. Remember that things work out
28. Try new things. And do not fear them
29. Keep celebrating weird holidays
30. Find out what truly want in life and just do it

So. These are my just a few goals for the summer. I have a lot to work on. And a lot of fun ahead of me. I can't wait.
Jessa and I
Jen amd I with a little Stephen Colbert
Lauren or Ollie and I at work.
The one AND only Gage!
Madie and I.
Playing Mancala with Addy.
Las Vegas with Kelsey, Brittany, random drunk man, me and Amberly
me, Brittany, Amberly and Kelsey
Celeste and I
Savannah and I
Amberly falling off the exercise ball.
Jared-the brother and I