Wednesday, May 9, 2012

List of things that you cannot be angry nor sad doing

Obiviously i made my list in Logan. so its really a list of things in Logan that I was doing.
Lars list of 50 things that you cannot be angry nor sad while doing:
1. Riding a scooter
2. Seeing midgets
3. Watching a sunset
4. Listening to the following bands; Bishop Allen, Matt Costa, The Shins, Of Monsters And Men, Mumford and Sons, Modest Mouse, 'We Are Young' by Fun. And 'Somebody I Used To Know' by Walk Off The Earth
5. Looking at old church library posters
6. Being with Lars
7. Being with Madie
8. Watching the following shows: Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, It's Kind Of A Funny Story, The Hangover 1&2, Bridesmaids, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snoging, House Bunny, Lars and The Real Girl, New Girl, Evan Almighty and The Big Bang Theory
9. Making lists
10. Making out
11. Voxing
12. Instagraming
13. Being with my best friends
14. Telling riddles/jokes
15. When Madie drinks mt. Dew
16. Sun glass shopping
17. Wearing sun glasses
18. Apparently I forgot this number because I went from 17 straight to 19. So missing numbers on lists haha
19. Making inside jokes
20. Looking at or watching anything with Zac Efron
21. Watching anything with Zach Galifaniakis
22. Reminiscing about anything ridiculous from our pasts
23. Frisbeeing
24. Golfing
25. Talking about Germany
26. Talking about how Madie and I wished we were skateboarders
27. Receiving/sending mail
28. Free pens
29. Eating Candy
30. Weird words/phrases
31. Eating nutella
32. Tuesday date nights
33. Drinking with a straw
34. Thinking about crock pots
35. Playing with pin art
36. Eating with a midget spoon
37. Anything Vegas
38. Picnicking
39. Eating cafe rio
40. Drinking a juice box
41. Being in a hammock and playing the harmonica
42. Becoming a true aggie
43. Celebrating earth day
44. Bob Ross-anything
45. Writing on 'I didn't realize you were cool until...' post it notes
46. Playing mancala
47. Being at DI
48. Celebrating weird holiday
49. Being serenaded
50. playing rummmikub. Being the one everyone expecting to lose. THEN taking the upset. And winning!
"I didn't realize you were cool until..." post its.
Reminiscing about ridiculous things from your childhood.
"You Jerk!" in German
True Aggie card. so when I tell people I am a True Aggie. they believe me.
Celebrating weird holidays
Church Library poster and DI all in one photo.
Being Serenaded
Vegas and 'The hangover"
Zach Galifianakis cups
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My favorite Midgets
Bishop Allen. My Favorite band.

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