Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Kelsey, Lisa, Erin and Jessica
For the last week or so I have been thinking about how great all of my roommates are. considering for like 2 months i pretty much want to kill them. but don't worry we worked it out. and we are having a ton of fun.
I forgot how much I truly Love each and everyone of them. And how the are a big part of my life. Each one plays a different role in how much i really need them.

We got Lisa, who really is a caring person that will do anything for you. i mean anything.  and you pretty much can tell her anything and she knows exactly what you mean.  Love her.

Kelsey: she is the 2nd comic relief in this apartment (besides me of course) and has the memory of an elephant and can quote pretty much an entire episode of the office and a movie. by watching it once or twice.

Erin: She is also a caring person and will listen to any stupid thing I have to say and will just listen. And is a ton of fun. and pretty much laughs at anything I say. and you can't go wrong with a gal like that. I tend to think I have funny things to say.

Last but not least we have the baby, Jessica: she just turned 18 a week ago. and so yes she is the baby of the apartment. but probably the most mature out of the rest of us. sadly. but she is still a ton of fun. and threatens to smother me with a pillow sometimes. which is actually quite funny considering she is pretty tame and quite person. and spent the first 2 months of living in our apartment in her room. and that was on the of the first things she said to me.

so pretty much my roommates are way better than anyone else has ever had. I don't know what i would do without them. I realized a week ago that these gals are like my family. and I truly appreciate each and everyone in my life. We care a great deal about each other and would do anything for each other.  But we have the BEST time. and I really don't know what I would do with out these gals of mine.

Saturday we are getting a new roommate. in my room, unfortunately. and we are NOT excited about this. But I do hope she brings some fun with her-where ever she is from. All we know about her is that her name is Sabrina, she served a mission in Indiana. and she's had roommates before. and that means she is either my age or older.....hahah poor baby Jessica. :)

about the picture. I am not in it obviously. I wasn't there. and we don't have a family picture yet. which we definitely work on this.

PS Celeste T and Lisday K you were the Greatest roommates also. so don't think that i don't like you or felt the same way! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So today was my brother Jared's birthday! He's freaking 16 years old! This can't be real! He's still a 5 year old to me. But he's growing up so fast. He's got a little girlfriend and that's even weirder to me. He's an amazing young man! And a great example to me and a great uncle to my neices and nephews. I'm proud of this kid!
For his birthday we went to tucanos! Which is a pretty fantastic place to eat except that you get full pretty fast! But I love meat. We go there for his birthday lately and I'm so glad!

Tonight my roommate Erin serenaded me. And it was fantastic. It cheered me up a little. I love music! I can't even begin to extrapolate how much I love music and her.then one of our neighbors came over and he is is pretty funny and he smells pretty good. And right now at 3 in the morning I can't sleep and I'm watching wizards of waverly place. Don't judge. And I can still smell him. It's kind of intoxicatng. And I just watched an infomercial and it made all this delicious food. And I'm now starving at 3 in the am. And I really regret watching that cause i really want to eat something! Frick.

But the day I'm actually writing on is my families sealing anniversary. 14 years ago today my family and I went to the mount timpanogos temple! We were one if the first families to be sealed since it was brand new. I love the temple so much! It's probably my most favorite place in this world! As much as my family can drive me crazy I'm glad we got sealed this day 14 years to be with each other forever.

Monday, November 8, 2010


So I've had a few people tell me I need to write again. So yeah. Here's me trying. I haven't had much to report on. Cause let's face it. I'm not doing so good right now. And so I haven't done anything cool. It's been a hard hard year! And i seriously hope this next year will be a million times better. I don't know why but being 22 has been the worst thing EVER. And i really just want to stay in my bed all day and sleep! Well. There you have it!

On a positive note, one of my best friends, Nick Strong, is coming HOME Thursday! I can not wait! he's been serving his mission in Nicaragua. He's THE best! He's my courtesy Indian friend! Its just an inside joke. I'm not really racist. I can't wait. It is going to be so much fun to have him back. I've really missed having him around.

So things that I have been up to:

1. Nothing.
2. Thinking about going back to school to bEcome a dental hygienist. All I know is that this is going to be one of the most hardest things I have ever done. But it's not official yet. We'll see what happens.
3. At my internship they keep changing my hours. I am not sure what they are yet. I haven't been in 2 weeks. It's really getting annoying.
I can tell you about my dreams I've been having lately. They are fun!
A few weeks ago I had a dream that I dated Nate, Tyson,Bryson, And Jeff. Which is not uncommon in my dreams where I date multiple people. They were some boys from my neighborhood growing up.

I also keep having dreams about famous people. I had a dream I met Will Ferrell. He was apparently my yoga teacher in jr. High. And apparently in his 'clause' I am not sure why it was called that. But in his clause it said we couldn't get his autograph or take pictures with him. Even though I'm a huge fan of him. I was ticked. And always with my luck of dreaming about famous people that always happens. I once met Miley Cyrus and she refused to give me an autograph and picture. Why do famous people hate me in my dreams?

Another time I was on the office. And I dated Jim and Dwigt. Remember this is not uncommon. And my Parents LOVED them. Dwigt was a normal human. And Jim and I were about to get married. Then I unfortunately woke up.

Then my most recent crazy one that I was a detective. I had to solve a murder. Which apparently I dreamt about it in my dream earlier. So I already knew what I needed to do to solve it and get to the next clue. And by the time I got to know who it was, I was on my way to Darby, Montana. Which I'm not even sure if that place is real. I was with the murderer-my friends boyfriend- Josh. And we stopped at this town to get lunch and I saw him trying to cheat on my dear friend Rachel. And at that point he found out that I knew that he had killed someone. And I was going to tell rachel everything and then it was the end of the world. And so we had to run to this church. And Josh was mad at me for telling Rachel. And he announced to everyone that I was FLDS. And him and Rachel booed me from their group to die and they made me go die with the polygamists!

I really like that last one. :)

So yeah. Uuhh so Blake is starting to repeat everything you say. A little while ago he told his mom "when kids make a mess, it's called what the hell!". His exact words. :). I bet you thought I taught him that. But really it wasn't me. It was jana. Cause when him and my nieces make a mess she comes down stairs and says that. And when you say anything like that he say "we don't say what the hell" it is in quotation marks. It's okay.

So there you have it! That's all I gotta say!