Tuesday, December 14, 2010

23 is the new 185

Well, i Just have a few things to say.
So you know how Blake's friend asked if I was his Grandma?\ Well to top that off when my family and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, there was this down syndrome fella that was a greeter. which is awesome, and he was talking Jana's ear off. when I got there someone told him that it was my Birthday and he said, "What, are you a 185 years old?"  wow. really? I guess 23 is the new 185! And I tried to give him a high five and he faked me out and rub his hand on the right of his head so smoothly.

then on Sunday when I was at Savannah and Kyle's house, his family asked me how old I was turning. so I told them I was 23. and then his dad said it only goes downhill from here. you might as well kill yourself now before it gets any worse. I've got  gun in my garage.

yikes. i'm old.

Oh And another thing. if you see me anytime soon I'd really really appreciate it if you didn't ask me the following questions: WHEN are you getting married? and my personal favorite.WHEN are you going on your mission?

I was asked at least 5 times at my friends farewell. and everyone from my home ward came up to me asking When I was going on My mission. The answer is NO!

I promise I'm not against missions and I think it's great when people go. I really just don't have any desire to go. really.
When I was at The Fordham's on Sunday I was telling them that if one more person asks me WHEN I was going on my Mission I was gonna freak out. So of course not even like ten minutes later I get a text that was a a birthday poem and at the end it you should go on one too. then it said (on a mission)
I was ticked. and They LOVED it! and then a while later Kathy, My Grandpa's wife called and wished me a happy birthday. and I told her I went to Dayna's farewell. And yep, you guessed it! She asked me if I was going on a mission too! Don't get me wrong. I care about these people that asked me. but it gets a little annoying. actually A LOT annoying. I can't stand it!

So no mission. Sorry to disappoint everyone.
I may not be married nor serving a mission. but that doesn't mean that what I am doing is where I should be. I like my life. and what is mostly going on in it. But really I wouldn't change anything.
so yeah. that's all.

And PLEASE STOP!!! It is really appreciated!

Laura Jean R

Monday, December 13, 2010

Post Birthday.

So lets be real my birthday week wasn't that great. No one could do anything because of finals. Which is really lame. And so the very few things I did were very fun. Who knew that having my birthday on the day it is would screw me over in my College years. Thanks Mom and Dad! jk

Highlights of my Birthday and Week:

1. Porters Place with Savannah and Kyle. On Monday, Day two of Birthday Week. We ate at our Favorite Place in Lehi. Its so good. everyone should try it. And we then went to Big Lots and got some stuff. and it really was a lot of fun! I was Drunk I swear because everything Kyle said was super funny to me. and I don't even know why. Half the time he would just say weird things or just make a noise and I laughed for hours.
2. Every night Lisa would Play Wackee Six with me. and that meant a lot. sometimes Jessica would Join in.
3. Tuesday: Day 3 I was supposed to have a Cereal Dinner party. but of course no one could come. And you were supposed to eat Cereal all day. But I went to Lunch with my dear friends Hailey and Dayna to Cafe Rio.  and they paid for me! It was awesome and so much fun. Then Dayna and I went to the mall because she needed Pants for her P-days on her Mission and she leaves on Wednesday. We went to this store called Utah Unique. it's a neat store. and we saw these rocking chairs that were for your cabins. I decided to try it out. and I fell in love. I couldn't speak. and after about 2 minutes of not yapping Dayna looks over and saw that I was sitting there so she decided to try it out too. She couldn't believe how her butt felt so good in that chair. and it was wooden with just a little cushion in it. and her chair was even better with a recliner. Then we went to see her friend Cailie.She is pretty fantastic and always has a story to tell. and you know how much I love stories. And Hung out with Celeste T for a little while. Hey Celeste- Party in the house! :)

4. Thursday Day 5: I spent it making fliers for my moms work. and got $100 from it. and Then I went to Celeste T's House and made a Chocolate Pie because I never got pie for Thanksgiving. My Uncle only bought Pumpkin Pie. and we watched Sleepless in Seattle. it was so much fun! I never knew that movie was so funny either. and the pie was delicious.

5. Friday Day 6: Erin P and I wrote Fan letters to Zac Efron. it was super fun. And I tried to make mine as creepy as Possible. And when I was done I read it. and was super creeped out. I think i succeeded. I am not even going to send it. I felt like a freaking creeper. Erins was pretty Creepy but definitely not as creepy as mine. I don't think it could get anymore creepier than that. Then My cousin Jessa took me Comedysportz! One of my favorite places EVER!! We went to Taco Bell for Dinner then to Spoon Me for Desert! My most favorite places EVER! My favorite person at comedysportz was there. He's usually always there! and I want to marry him. he is funny and good looking. and I got a picture with all of them! it was super fun. oh and that man is NOT married! so that is good. I have high hopes for us! :)

6. Saturday did a whole lot of nothing. in the evening I went to Erica's and Blake had his friends over because Erica was babysitting. And I was sitting by Erica and Blake's Friend said "Blake, is that your Grandma?" sooooooooooooo apparently I'm a grandma to 4 year old. this was new to me. Sometimes people do think that I am Blake's mom. but NEVER his grandma. I definitely was not expecting that. But it was Awesome! I am 23 and a grandma! that Night I wanted to have a sleepover with the roommates. but they refused to. it wasn't very nice.

7. Sunday, on my birthday Erin comes home about 1 or 2 and wanted Chinese food for some reason. So we went to Wal mart and took it home and she made some. and she bought me a Sobe. it was so good. she also gave me a really cool bracelet from Africa. and so we made her food and watched the office. Oh also my new roommate Sabrina made me Better than Sex cake. and. it. was. AWESOME! and had some of that while we watched the office and they would have a sleepover with me. and took a bunch of pictures and it was fun. then fell asleep about 3 or 4 in the am and woke up at 8 to my roommates getting ready for church.  At one I went to Dayna's farewell. It was really good. Sister Taylor also spoke and she was awesome. Sat by Sister Hall and Hailey and her parents. it was so good to see all my favorite people that I grew up by. and went to her lunch after. After that went to Savannah's and ate dinner with the Fordhams. we had hamburgers and fries. It's Conner's Birthday Wednesday so they were celebrating that. When they found out it was my birthday they decided that we both needed a cake. but we didn't want cake. we wanted brownies. and they sang happy birthday to us and we blew out a match. oh and at Dayna's party they sang happy birthday to me and her sister, Erika. Hers is tomorrow. When I went home Jessica gave me 5 coupons for Icee's. I was super happy about it.  Savannah gave me a dollar when I left to get an Icee. and I came home to that. I was one lucky gal! And Lindsay called me! it was good to talk to her too! :)

Oh and one of my most favorite things of that day was getting a call from Mike and Sarah!!!! I loved it soooo much! I'm so happy that they called all the way from Germany! That totally made my day! I was so good to hear their voices. and they are a sending me german gummies. which are MY VERY FAVORITE!! :) I love them!
Another personal favorite. which is not really that favorite. ..........my brothers forgot my birthday!! :(
sorry I left my camera at home so I couldn't put any photos on.
also On my birthday list was to go skinny dipping, drink Bacardi like it's my birthday, and to go see lights. and I never did any of that! I'm kinda ticked about it.

other than that. it was a decent week.

Tonight I'm going to Texas Roadhouse with the family. and Angie and I are having a sleepover I believe on Tuesday night! but not too set on that. it might change. I hope we do though! I love her.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

8 Crazy Nights!!

Haven't even opened it and I was drunk!
Really just a great time! :)

So it's my birthday week! It is going to be AMAZING! I have every day planned for the next week. Sunday-Sunday! :) Last Year was super fun and I can't Wait for this year to make many many more memories. I will try and post everything that we do and hopefully be able to take a picture of each day also.

Today that has been:
1. Eat lunch with roommates. and other people in the apartment complex. made by Lisa! delectable.
2. Have a Wackee six competion.
3. Watch the office.
4 Drink Sparkling Cider and toast to me.
5. Take pictures of everyone there.

Now, everyday consists of The Office and Wackee Six. But today, Sunday, it's a competion.
We were all shocked about craplocker doing this ON PURPOSE!!
The sparkling Cider and Pictures are going to be post-poned  until midnight because Erin P.  gets home from work around that time.  I can't wait to see what this year will bring for us. but really. Let's be real. doing random things that are free are WAY better than actually doing something for that costs money. now i know this isn't spur of the moment stuff. but it's really random things we will do each day! I'm super excited!

These Photos are my favorites from last year. this was on the first night. definitely a fantastic time we had as you can tell.