Friday, August 27, 2010

My Beautiful Mother.

So my mom brought it to my attention that I never have written about her. And now that I realize this it makes me feel bad. She doesn't think that I love her and that I use her. this is simply not the case. I do love her. We've had our differences. But she is still an amazing person. She's willing to help me in need. and i would do anything for her if she were to ask me. She has a strong testimony of the church which I do look up to. I loved the determination she had to lose all that weight. The way she treats my nieces and nephews. and they love her so much. and wants to make sure we are all taken care of. I love that Every year on my birthday she always tells me the story of when I was born and it really means a lot to me. and During Christmas time I had a feeling I needed to write her a love note. and that same day she had a feeling to write me one. My mom does really well in her job and is a really respected woman in what she does. and that is something I also look up to as well.  Because I also want that in my profession too.She has a lot of qualities of her mom. and it's awesome. Mom I'm sorry you felt that way. thanks for everything you do for me! love you mom!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New nephew.

It's only going to get better!
So I am getting a new nephew.  I seriously can't Wait. and can't wait for Erica to find out what she is having. My nieces and nephews are seriously the BEST things to ever have happened to me. I can't wait to know what he's like. Every time I get a new one I really think they are going to to be just like the other one. but seriously have 5 different nieces and nephews. with 5 different personalities. Recently it was Addy's Birthday. What I love most about her and can get annoying sometimes is that she is always curious of what is going and when we are going to get it. I think it's because she's worried that it won't happen because she asks like a million times. She Just turned 7! I'm getting old or something. She was the first to come. I remember the day I found out I was going to be an aunt. I was longing for this day since the Day Jana And Brad got married. I was 16 on Christmas Morning. In Montana at my Grandparents house like we've done every  year. and I can't remember if It was My dad or one of my grandparents that Got a card that sad either saying something about being a grandpa or Great  Grandparent. I loved hearing the news. I was so excited and filled with Joy. and Maybe my eyes teared up a little. get over it. then waiting until Sunday morning August 17th 2003 We got a call at like 3 or 4 in the morning. and I couldn't sleep. and Yet again I was so happy I cried. She is the BEST! She means so so much to me. She got the amazing privilege to be the first great grandchild and meeting my amazing Grandmother. and Lucky enough to named after her. She is upbeat. always fun. pretty sure has OCD just like her mom. and to me she is perfect in every way! I love the way her eyes light up when she gets a gift. We go on special dates a lot. and sleepovers. I try really hard to let them know how much I love them and they are super important to me. Them just telling me I'm their favorite Aunt is just a perk. for her birthday I got her a really cute shirt from Target that I just knew she would love. I couldn't see her on her Birthday until way late and I called and My roommate Lisa and I called and Sang her happy birthday. so I brought her shirt to her about 10 that night. I brought it to her and she immediately LOVED it! I was so happy that she didn't freak out like when I got her cookies n' cream candy bar for Christmas as part as her present. She wanted to put it on and said this would look really cute with my leggings. which is why I got it so she could wear it with it. and she was so excited she wanted to show mom.  we were walking to the stairs and all of a sudden she stops looks at me and gives me a giant hug. that made  it all worth while. She's amazing. Then came Blake. I remember that day clearly as well. I knew that Devin and Erica were trying and a second later basically she was pregnant. and was standing in the kitchen of the home I grew up in. and the day I knew it was a Boy I was giddy. didn't know what it was like to have a nephew. just brothers. and I was at School upstairs by Savannah's or Aubrey's Locker. best feeling ever. He is a rare one and was born on His due date. May 23rd 2006. I remember that time especially because I was working on Packets to graduate. and told myself I couldn't go see Blake until I finished my packets.......I really couldn't wait. so i did end up going to see him that night because I couldn't wait. If I really were to keep my word on that I wouldn't have been able to see him until a year later. He's amazing in every way. He takes all the good qualities his parents have. and seriously is the perfect nephew. He's funny. He's handsome. he knows he's Handsome because his mom told him so. He always tells me I'm his favorite aunt and has a way to make all the girls of his life feel really important. at age 4 he's a special guy and the gal he marries is gonna be one lucky gal. He says that girls are Hott and women are beautiful. his eyes light up at anything. seeing his family. a dog house plate and even the littlest present you'd get him. and a present that anyone else gets. He has a little OCD where he has to line up multiples of things. so he's really easy to buy for. and easily please. Then we have the Beautiful Chelsea Beth. I found out she was coming by Addy wearing a shirt from Dora the Explorer that said I'm going to be a big sister.. and it took me a minute to realize what her said. and I didn't know what to do with myself. and was extra excited because I already knew Blake was coming. This gal is AMAZING! she's so sweet and so dang crazy in every way you can think of. she says the funniest things in the world. and is filled with attitude. She's fun at sleepovers. there are Many funny things she has said. My personal favorite is when she told me that if I cleaned my car and painted it purple it would look good. She s always wanting to listen to Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam. always. I will never forget the day when we were driving back from a special date and looking in the rear view mirror and singing the song. it definitely helped my testimony grow. Then we Got Jaxon. He is a handful and of course handsome. I remember when I found out Erica was Pregnant. and I loved it.  and I've worked really hard to make Jaxon like me. he's coming around but I'm still working on him. he's so full of life and totally opposite from Blake. He is full of life and you have to really follow him around so he's not getting into too much trouble. But he can be sweet sometimes. none the less I truly love him. I was even more excited when it was like 2 days later I found out Carson was coming too. They are 8 days apart and seriously act like they should be twins. Carson is so sweet also. I did have to work on him. but I know I won his love after taking him to the gas station to get a drink. He loves his Soda. and every time i go over then he will be excited to see me but won't act like he wants to be around til i leave. and then he freaks out and wants me to take him with me. he wants his soda. the man knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. from his sucker aunt. that loves taking him. Now I don't know if it's the soda or if he feels as is he lives in prison...not likely but that is what it's like. I can't wait for the new nephew. and whatever Erica may have. I only hope to be able to have a great relationship with them for a long time because they mean so much to me. and know that i love them more than they even know. Just as I don't think that it could possibly get any better I get 2 new ones to add in the mix and can't wait to see what they look like what they act like and who they will be. I wouldn't trade them in for anything.

Friday, August 13, 2010

If you really knew me.....

Since i'm a sucker for reality shows, and I have recently watched "if you really knew me"  I decided to do a blog about it. but nothing too deep. but just some fun things people don't know about me. So Here it goes.. If you really knew me you'd know that I love watching movies and Desperate Housewives with the roommates every morning. you'd also know that when we see a dumb reality show that we have to say "let's vow not to watch that" so that we don't get sucked into something we can't stop watching. also that my powerade addiction is worse than anyone knows. you'd know that my whole life i never found anyone that ever supported me or were my "cheerleaders" besides Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ until I met Brother and Sister Dahlin. 6 people I try to emulate everyday and hope to be like someday...besides from being me, are Jesus Christ, Grandma Valene, Sister Hall, Sister Dahlin  Aunt Karen and My Dad. If you really really knew me you'd know that I adore my Dad. and fear for the day he dies because I don't know what i'd do without him. If you really knew me I don't get jealous of people getting married because I want to live my life first and get all my fun out now. And that the only thing I get jealous of is hearing when people go through the temple for the first time because I want that more than anything right now. If you really knew me you'd know that I get really excited about the little things. Sometimes overly excited. you'd know that I love surprising people. writing love notes. Serving people and talking to the elderly. if you really knew me I hate knowing about surprises. but loves being surprised. I love knowing people thought about me. If you really really knew me you'd know that I secretly love (and I hate admiting it) Linkin Park, Jonas Brothers Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana. If you really knew me you'd know that I don't care what I do with people as long as we're together...that is all that matters to me and it wasn't a waste of my time. If you really knew me I hate people born in a cave. and that you'd really actually not know I didn't like you because I hate not liking someone. and do my best to find reasons to like you. If you really knew me you'd know i'm actually really interested in Family History. if you really knew me that when I was a teachers aid I secretly loved being called Miss Ross. If you really really really knew me you'd know that my nieces and nephews are what keep me alive. If you really knew me you'd know that kind  of testimony I have. And that I actually am grateful for my trials because they make me who I am. If you really knew me you'd know my weakness is not chocolate. it's German gummy bears. and eating my roommates baked goods. If you really knew me you'd know i've only had 3 teachers in my life that have made an impact in my life. Mrs. Donkersgood My 9th grade math teacher. she actually made sure that I understood it. Ms. Burns that actually took the time to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to. and that I was happy. and Sharilyn. My Dental Assisting Teacher that came to  teach our class half way through the class. and took over and even though she over extrapolates she wants to make sure you are knowing what is going on and will do anything to make sure you do your best to succeed. If you really knew me you'd know that no matter what subject. just the thought of homework gives me anxiety. If you really knew me you'd know that I love to gossip. if you really knew me you'd know that I love the shows Law and Order SVU Criminal minds NCIS CSI Miami 16 and pregnant teen mom internvention Hannah Montana Degrassi and the Hills. you'd also know that my favorite words are fella, gal, cripes, extrapolate and beer. if you really knew me you'd know that I someone how got out of high school without doing the Dirty, being a drug addict or an alcoholic because of the friends I had. and that I owe Hailey Roper, Sarah Taylor, Savannah Fordham and Dayna Black for helping me get to where I am today. you'd also know that Sarah s the only person that can tell me the way it is and I never get offend and  if she tells me I need to change something I do whatever it takes to change it. somehow she knows how to say it the way I need to hear it. If you really knew me you'd know that I look up to and are very close to my Young womens Leaders Becky Dunn, Kelly Hall, Kim Pence Cricket Veeker Sister Degrey  Sister Taylor and Sister Remy. If you really knew me you'd know that I treat my friends with to upmost respect because that is the way that i'd like to be treated. you'd also know that I love Heart to Hearts more than anything. And hugs mean more to me than words. If you really knew me you'd know when I talk to you I have to touch you in some way because I feel you are actually listening to me and that we connect better not because I am in love with you. If you really knew me I like to put a smile on everybody's face. and that I love Tramp talks and otter pop talks. not anything dirty. it's actually on a tramp and we're actually eating otterpops. if you really knew me that Tramp talks are one of my favorite past times. if you really knew me as weird as it may be because of my profession is that I really don't enjoy brushing my own teeth because I gag. ( I still do sickos) If you really knew me you'd know that my tonsils were so big before they were removed I referred to them as my ball sac. sick I know. but that is what they looked like. also that I snored worse than a man and had sleep apnea. but now I don't. If you really knew me you'd know between the ages for 12-14 I had chronic hives. and stll have phantom itches. if you really knew me you'd know I'd like dirty jokes. especially when you can say that's what she said. If you really knew me you'd know that I love to celebrate my birthday for a whole week. and really wish it could be a year.  if you really knew me you'd know that I love Savannah and Kyle. together they make the perfect friend. if you really knew me you'd know that I want to be apart of Dentists without borders and do dental assisting work in other countries first of all because I found what I want to do with life and that I love traveling. if you really knew me you'd know I suck at math but know everyones birthday and license plate numbers. if you really knew me you'd know if you cry, I cry. if you really knew me you'd know that I get sympathy pains. and when people talk about like breaking their arms or having kids I get weak and feel your pain. if you really knew me you'd  know that I have a swearing problem. If you really knew me that nothing ever embarrases me except when people give me a compliment. So I just say "I know" instead of thank you. if you really knew me you'd know that I hate fake appologies. If you really knew me you'd know that I was the only girl on my 2nd grade basketball team. and loved it. and that I  stopped playing in 8th grade and really regret it. if you really knew me you'd know I love vacations and days off. and that I play Guitar hero to much. and that I love boating. and just doing really about anything. besides looking at snakes mice rats or things like that. also that I think it's funny to see someone trip no matter what age they are. and if you really knew me ... the things I didn't like about my roommate celeste are somethings that I actually have grown to love about her. and that before Lindsay Kindlespire moved in with me she was just someone I've known forever. but while living with her I grew to appreciate her more and am sad she isn't living here anymore. and I adore her more than I ever thought I would. she means the world to me. if you really knew me you'd know that I love Amanda Bynes and Zooey Deschanel Zac Efron and Channing Tatum. and that once the person born in a cave left  I learned to love Lisa Kelsey and Celeste  more. If you really knew me you'd know that Angus thongs and perfect snogging is seriously the best movie ever. along with Baby Mama. she's the Man and mean girls. if you really really really really knew me you'd know that this year has been one of the hardest of my life. but at the same time most rewarding at the same time.
 and also I still love playing games even if I lose at them. and I just like to pretend to be competitive to make it so much funner.

if you really knew me I really made a blog so I can say cheesy Blogging lines.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not even soon. But hopeflly.

These are the reasons why I am going to Germany!!
there are two things I've been thinking about today. a Vacation and My wedding plans. I know it's weird but I feel like i already have it planned out. it's weird. Probably because everyone is getting married this next week.No I haven't found my Zac Efron yet. but he will  come soon enough. I already know that i will have this down syndrome gal help plan my wedding. she works at Winnsong Theatre. I met her there when going to see the best toy story ever. and talked to her about working there. she told me that it wasn't her dream job. so i proceeded to ask her what is her dream job. I love talking to people with down syndrome. they are probably my favorite people in this world. anyhow she told me that her dream job is to be a wedding planner. And think it's a great idea. I would definitely let her help in assisting in it. and i know what songs i want and I will be having Spoon me, Cafe Rio cater and have rolls from  Texas Roadhouse. Then i also came up with the idea of a powerade fountain. I LOVE POWERADE! I know it's all random. but those are some of my ideas that i had and wrote them down. and you can't forget the amazing cheesecake and eclairs from BYU catering. So I've pretty much got it planned......not really i know there is a lot more to it than that. but that was the list i was making.
As for my Vacation. I love traveling. I haven't been on a vaca since last may of '09 to California. It was so much fun. I've been to Montana. But I don't really count that as a vacation because I go there usually twice a year. And last time i went was like 3 days after my tonsil surgery. and it was hell. I normally go on 1-2 vacations a year. And to go over a year without one is stressin me out. so ..... I've planned a trip to get my really excited for. Next Year I'm going to EUROPE!!!!!! I know what your thinkin because i've heard it all. "you're retarded" I hear that a lot. but the next one is how are you going if you don't even have a job. They act like i'll never ever in my life have a job ever again. But it's gonna be soooo AWESOME!! I'm starting in Germany. Germany has been one of my favorite countries since I can remember. One of my best friends, Sarah Taylor and her Husband Mike are moving there. Mike got a scholarship I guess and they are going to live there for a year and a half. I will miss them so much. They really have been so good to me. and truly have been blessed to have them in my life. So i will go there and See them for a few days. See our family friend Sarah that lives in Bonn...hopefully. Go to Italy at least one day. Because I love pasta so much. my roommates can confirm this. Then a day in France. Hopefully Sarah will take me to see her Family that lives there. I'm Pretty close with her family. and her Granny. She is from France and I hope to be able to meet them....even if we don't speak the same language. I also want to go to Scotland and England. That is where My Heritage is from. and I hope to  maybe meet some of my family I didn't even know I had. and i would like to end it with Holland. I know what you are thinking. what a random assortment of countries to see.....well those are ones that would mean the most to me. I don't ever really make sense a lot. so this is just Normal. Back to why I want to go to Holland. Well My Aunt Theresa and Uncle Warren got a divorce back in December and she moved out to Holland. she's been my aunt my whole life. and still is even if she isn't married to my uncle anymore. and I really want to see her! I miss her so much! so that is my plan. i can't even wait.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Story of the Real World

See why I love them so much?
So this is my first blog ever. I'm probably just going to use this as my journal because I doubt anyone will read this. But here is goes. I'll start by introducing myself. My Name is Laura. only about 4 or 5 people call me Lars. Thanks to my dear Friend Erica Pitts for starting that. The story starts with... about a year or more ago i went up to a good friend of mine house in West Jordan. Angie Pitts yes she is Erica's older sister. So that great night...we watched this really awkward but freaking hilarious show called Lars and the Real Girl. WE LOVED IT!! and from that night on they called me Lars. Then Last year I moved out. and before that I wanted to start my own reality show like The Hills. but put a little The Office twist into it. and I called it Lars and the Real World. Thanks again to Erica Pitts for that AWESOME idea. since then we have yet to film anything and turn it into MTV VH1 or even KBYU (since we're mormon and all). and now just them and my roommates Kelsey Johnson and Celeste Tholen...soon to be Rosenlof in about 9 days. and soon to be roommate Erin Price. that's it. and ... I LOVE IT! so that is the background of why my blog is called Lars and the Real World.  Some things to know about i love music more than you can imagine. I'm one of those people that doesn't really enjoy the radio. I love band that no one has ever heard of. They are the best bands to me. so i hope they don't become too famous anytime soon. my number one favorite is Bishop Allen. i fulfilled one of my "dreams" i guess you could say and went to their concert in March of  '09. best thing to ever happen to me. and Miniature Tigers are probably my 2nd favorite. they opened for Bishop Allen. and when we went to the concert i was all about hatin on them because most everyone that went was there for The Miniature Tigers. But once they opened their mouths.... I LOVED them. and was glad they were the band opening for them. and i could list some amazing bands. and talk about them. but i won't bore you! I just finished my last test for Dental Assisting. after 4 years it took me to go back to school i finally made the decision to go to Dental Assisting school. something i've wanted to do since i was 15. Six years later....I'm finally done. now all i have to do is finish the 127 of 300 hours i have left and i will have my Certificate from the School and the State!! I know I made the right decision. but it was hard getting there. but I'm so grateful i did it!! I learned so much and met some really awesome people. although i was 4 years older than most everyone else. it was still fun. I love my friends and my family. and would do just about anything for them! I have 3 Nephews and 2 Nieces. and 2 more of it's on the way. They are the Best things to ever have happened to me. I love going on special dates. and Having sleepovers with them. I have awesome older sisters Jana Bishop and Erica Goulding that are they ones that are having all the kids...and great younger brothers. Britt and Jared Ross. Britt and i fight a lot. but i know that comes with being the next siblings in line. but hope that one day we won't fight any longer. He's good to me when he fixes my cars. but that is about it! :)  Jared and I love the Same music. and he is such a good brother. Lately he's been showing me the new music. not me showing him all the music. he's almost 16 and is growing up wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too fast. but he's really good at being good at everything. Son, Brother, Uncle and friend. and I have great parents who really love me and help me out so much. I love them. Needless to say I have an Amazing family. with really great Grandparents Aunts and Uncles and Cousins to help out. and some really Great friends. I've learned lately who my real friends are. and as hard as it was at first.... those real friends are the ones really worth hanging on to. so i thank those few friends. sooooooooooo that's basically my life. i don't have a job anymore. so i just intern at a pedicatric office that i LOVE so much!!! and that is about it. but not having a job was one of the BEST things really to ever have happened to me. I don't have to work in Hell ANYMORE!!!!!! woooooooooooo so pretty much everything is the best thing that has ever happened to me. so sue me.