Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our first photo together!

He sure LOVES Money.

He still LOVES his BYU football and might hurt you if you Like anything but them.
Today is Blake's 6th Birthday! He is the best! I love him so much. Not only was he my first nephew. But. he was also my first roommate. (besides my sisters). We got to spend a lot of time together! these are some of my favorite photos of him. I don't know how I got so lucky to be his aunt. Not only aunt. BUT favorite aunt! Him and Jaxon got to come up to Logan for a sleepover. a week before I moved home. We had a GREAT time! He's so sweet. This morning I had to watch him and his brothers and make sure he got up for school because Erica had to go to Jury Duty. McKay woke up at like 7:40 am. And I couldn't get him back to sleep. Blake comes in Erica's room around 7:45 and picks up McKay to calm him down. And I made him breakfast. we made egg in the middles. It was great spending his birthday morning with him! Last Friday he had a birthday party. Not only did he have like 24 people there. and  it being so crazy. But I never thought that I would ever hear these words out of my Erica's mouth at a KINDERGARTEN party! "Mason you HAVE to stop kissing the girls!" Holy crap. these kids couldn't stop kissing each other. He threw a kickin' party apparently. I don't know how I went 18 years without this kid in my life. but the last six sure have been the BEST! And he still hugs and kisses me. Every time I see him!

Top six reasons why I love Blake Martin Goulding:
1. He calls any kind of stylish pants "hot pants"
2. He calls me Lars sometimes.
3. He's is so cute and funny.
4.He Loves his family so much!
5. He LOVES celebrating anything and any presents.
6. He still loves sleepovers with his favorite Aunt Laura.
Chicks do dig him! One of  his friends told Erica that this girl kisses him everyday on the bus!
He adores his brothers more than anything!

He is so great!

One of our first of many Sleepovers
many mornings together.
He still loves sleepovers with me.
He's got a swag sense of style. Went to church with me when we were in the Library. He wanted to make copies so bad!
stool head at my apt in Logan..
Eating at Angie's in Logan. "where the locals eat!"
He loves his brother. and Disneyland.

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