Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My reality show

So I found this photo a while back. and it definitely described me. Mostly because I have wanted to have my own reality show for the last few years. The only reason I really started a blog was because I didn't have my own reality show yet. One day I will. One day! I hope that it is soon. I am not sure how to get the black part of the photo off. So just pretend it isn't there! When I do start filming, it will definitely have to be up to Salt lake because I have discovered that you cannot be angry nor sad while there. There is SO much to do. and such great things on each street. Even the most ghetto of streets will have such gems as the greatest most wonderfully weird names stores. like say The Pickle Store. That reminds me of Juan and Oscar. When they were pickle plantation owners. Partners in pickles is what they did! something close to that name. Midget chocolate shops. and some pretty great hobos trying to find something in the weeds. or a chatting with a biker at a stop light. and getting a high five from him. I went to Salt Lake Monday to Pick up Kelsey from the airport with Amberly. Man. those guys are the best. I am one lucky gal to be friends with them.

The great biker that gave me a high five!
This is Juan and Oscar. Juan was my guy with the cape! Oscar was Kari's guy. They were BFFs. but Juan. has no legs now.

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