Monday, May 7, 2012

My summer kick it list

As most of you know. I love lists. Cause you cannot be angry nor sad when making a list.
I am going to post about my kick it list for the summer because I am determined to have the best summer of my life.
Lars summer kick it list in no particular order:
1. Learn how to play the guitar with Kyle.
2. Go to Vegas.
3. Road trip with Kelsey, Amberly, Lindsey, Brittany and Erin.
4. Go to Jackson Hole to see Madie
5. make dragon school happen with Jen.
6. Be outside more
7. get along with my mom
8. Get my temple recommend and go weekly
9. Do more things with Gage and Mehul
10. Blog more
11. Keep eating healthy
12. Be a full tithe payer
13. Be pen pals with Madie all summer/life
14. Watch arrested development with Jen. And make her love it. And with Kelsey and Amberly
15. Watch The Art of Getting By with Erin
16. See Amy when she comes down-she's coming down this week. And I so excited
17. See Ollie-my coworker sometimes
18. Hang out with Jessa more
19. Save everything I can for these trips
20. Take a million photos
21. Play more mancala
22. Spend time with Jared
23. Spend time with savannah
24. Spend time with Celeste
25. Spend time with Hailey and Sarah
26. Continue enjoying new music
27. Keep my head up. And not fret. Remember that things work out
28. Try new things. And do not fear them
29. Keep celebrating weird holidays
30. Find out what truly want in life and just do it

So. These are my just a few goals for the summer. I have a lot to work on. And a lot of fun ahead of me. I can't wait.
Jessa and I
Jen amd I with a little Stephen Colbert
Lauren or Ollie and I at work.
The one AND only Gage!
Madie and I.
Playing Mancala with Addy.
Las Vegas with Kelsey, Brittany, random drunk man, me and Amberly
me, Brittany, Amberly and Kelsey
Celeste and I
Savannah and I
Amberly falling off the exercise ball.
Jared-the brother and I

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  1. Sounds like a great summer! You inspire me! I gotta get going on my summer list