Tuesday, March 29, 2011

these words my own. they're from the heart.

Common words and phrases that Laura says.
"that is the best thing to have ever happened to me." -seriously. everything is the best thing that has ever happend to me. get over it.
"I think i'll keep you around."- you know i have accepted you when i say this.
"ahhhh sh*t."- not oh. just ah. anytime i say it people laugh cause of the way i say it.
"I kinda like like miss you"-    you know i really do love you when i say I kinda like or miss you. and if i skip out of the kinda it really does mean even more after saying that.

this photo is hilar. I think i'm gonna keep myself around!
"fella"- don't know why. but it's the best word.
"that is hilar". -again with the way i say it. also no one can say it good enough. this is what i have been told. 
"please extrapolate."
"Proud parent moment."
"Stupid Bi!" -i just like the word bi. that is  the real meaning. good.
"Don't be mad."
"That's what she said." - i especially love to say it when it doesn't work. and everyone makes the weirdest faces.
"Bueno." -it means anything i want it to. from hello. goodbye tofavorite is when it doesn't even work for it.
I also find big words to say. and then i over use them. currently it's stipulation. and always extrapolate. I don't care if they ever work. i sometimes also use big words that don't really work. ever. and that is my favorite.

I often times hear people saying all these quotes. and it is funny to me. haha remember when i said in my post "if you really knew me?" i said i made a blog so i could write cheesy blog lines? .....well i feel like this is part of it.plus it's about me. and I think I am funny. caulky? maybe just confident. also if you can think of other funny things that i say. feel free to add on to them.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I was thinking one day about how I am kinda funny.

and so I wanted to make a list of things people said that I did and said all the time that was funny to them!

So yeah. I have cool, fun friends. these are the only ones that responded to me.

My Best Friend Savannah Said that her favorite things that I said and did her;
when I say "That's What She Said!" "I'm going to get my hair did!" "Poner!"
and also loved that I have this problem with feeling others people pain. Sympathy pains are really worse than the actual pain. I feel like my membranes are being striped when people are talking about it. I really really hate it! Also my weird obsession with beer. and Blue Powerade!

My good Friend Rachel Pitts....she's amazing!
She said that "I like the you send the most sincere Birthday wishes I've ever recieved." "They are Honestly the highlight of my day."  "You also have many random facebook posts that crack me up like no other." ahaha these things are true. you know that I care about you by the way I send my birthday wishes. They are both funny and sincere. and it's true. I happen to like my facebook statuses. just a tad!

Good Ol' Jessie E said her favorite quote is "I'm advocating!!"
that is because at APX when we worked there together we had advocates to take supervisor calls. and we were trying to leave a message for one of our other friends from work. and I was trying to say that I did a good job being an advocate. and all that didn't even come out. it just came out I'm advocating. you know how I can't speak right sometimes.

My new favorite friend and good pal Amberly Davis. She said "when you get high off of 5hour energy...then go off your rocker......squirt my roomies...and get hit on by old men!"
hahha she's hilar. one day I didn't sleep for 48 hrs straight. because i work graveyards at a place where I take care of 4 handicapped fellas! (i love it) and so i take 5 hr. energies to keep me awake. this so happend to work for 48 hours.... :) it was awesome. and so i really felt drunk all day at her house. and My good friend Brittany Flandro got her giant squirt gun out and started squirting me. i feel defenseless when it comes to water for some reason. but no worries i got my revenge. then later she thought she hid it and i found it. and i got her. I got her good... and one of my guys at work hits on me all the time. he recently just told me I was his favorite staff to look at! ahahahha I love him!

my good friend and roommate Lisa says that she likes everything that I do and say. especially when I quote movies.

My room roommate said "your new bra that you can see through some of my shirts. coming into our room one night just laughing hysterically for no reason..." which happens quite a bit. but especially since I don't get that much sleep because soon I will be running off of 72 hrs with out sleep. it's becoming a reoccurring nightmare for her! :)

Jessica my other roommate said "the hole in your jacket. getting pulled over. taco bell and the same guy that hits on me at work.'  She was with me when I got pulled over the other day. and she hates that I love Taco bell.

Erin P the roommate I'm closest to said "what you said for me?" "When I sit in the high chair. no it's not a baby chai"r. it really is a designated spot where I sit and everything is sooo much funnier to me. "also when you say you're my #1 fan" Because on fb her manager (is hilar by the way) we fight over who is her #1 fan. "and when we talk about how hott your butt is!" it's cause it's the truth! soooo hott!

one of my oldest friends Diana Strong just simply said " HELLO! our Wal-Mart trips!" which is again like the high chair incident. but only with diana. and tonight we both went to visit erica in the hospital after having the baby and we went to see her cousin in medical surgery. and it was just like a wal-mart trip again. we always have a good time. and we are sober! so that is a plus!

Lindsey Heslop....great gal. new friend too. when I asked her she said "Everything you do is funny!"

and as Angie Pitts simply said it "BEER"

man do these people know me!

these people mean the world to me! I'm so glad I have some great people in my life!

if you can think of anything else please feel free to add! I would love it! :)