Friday, September 17, 2010

You know when you are at the Evan's When...

The Amazing Family.
So you know my Best Friend Savannah. Well I am at her Parents house right now with Eliza Eating this rice krispie treat...i guess if you could call it that. it had cornflakes and honey nut cheerios and and get this....sunflower seeds. with rice krispies. i guess you could call it a treat. As i was chewing away I was thinking to Eliza " Hey Eliza you know when you are at the Evans when..." and we came up with a good list of things and decided to post these amazing things so you can get to know them like I
You know when you are at the Evan's When...
1. You come to eat spaghetti and there are all the noodles you can think of because they were just trying to get rid of the noodles they had before.
2. You eat a hamburger with just one side of the bun.
3. You have homemade pizza (which is delicious by the way) and you put hot dogs on this.
4. You make a whole bunch of cookies or cinnamon rolls and you see a whole bunch of partial cookies or cinnamon rolls  because they don't know how to just finish one before they start on the next. It's a team effort here.
5. The phone rings.....and rings and rings. No one really notices until you say...uhhh you should probably get that. or you answer it yourself.
6. The Kids come in for like 5 minutes and Mom's already suggesting that they need to go "explore" "go to the mountains on an adventure" or  jump on the tramp.
7. When Mom says Family prayer we are there for at least 57 minutes. praying for everyone in the room. and the entire world. :) and you think your knees might give out. and you end up with everyone sitting instead of kneeling.  Bless her heart.
8. Gathering EVERYONE for Family prayer takes another 57 Minutes.
9. the cereal is always nuts and cheerios or shredded wheat all mixed together in one new creation! (thanks Camille)
10. Dad acts just like the kids. or do the kids act just like him?
11. The girls actually fight over who is Changing Rocky's Diaper or putting him in his car seat. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO!
and last but not least. and this was a new one to me..
12. you make Pizza with hamburger buns. and yes they put hot dogs on them.

Really it wasn't bad. and everything they make is really really good! I don't know how they do it. They really are amazing. It may seem I'm making fun of them. but I'm really not. these are the things that I love most about their family. I will probably think of funnier things. but that is all I got for now.

thanks guys. you're the best!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

best night.

 So my friend is better at telling stories than I am. and yes. I struggle with speaking but not that night. check out
Saturday Night

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Champion Sleeper

According to Celeste I am a Champion Sleeper in her eyes. i like that. It's true I am. I once slept for 21 hours. I woke up for 3 hours to go to the mall with the family at 2. and then we were there for 2-3 hours. I was so tired I went back to bed. so yes I am a Champion sleeper. I think i deserve an award. Soooo.. Celeste work on that.

i'm working on my paragraphs. are you proud Celeste? but I didn't Major in don't expect anything more after this.

So you know how a few posts back when I said I was working on Jaxon to like me? well I figured it out. I decided to take him on a special date on Saturday. and he didn't seem too excited to go. until I was walking out the door then he ran out with me. We went to the gas station and he got to pick out his treat. He immediately ran for a Coffee pot. and was really wanting that. My Dad thought that it was the cup he was interested in. but he didn't even seem them until later. he wanted the coffee so bad....that kid doesn't NOT need anymore energy than he already has. It was fun. and I loved our special date. The next day when I went to the Parents house he was there and he ran up to me on the couch and gave me a huge hug and rubbed his face in my chest....freak. He's totally a man. He was really excited to see me. and I loved it!! :) sooo Jaxon likes me now.

After that Jessa my Cousin made dinner for me and her Mom. IT WAS AMAZING!! I love her. She is an awesome cousin. She's also the best friend a gal could ask for. She is so fun and so sweet. and I think the best part about it is that she is so amazing in so many ways and doesn't even know it. she's a very humble gal. i like that. Her mom told really funny stories. I like her also. Jessa Made some AMAZING Chicken.Corn. Rice a toni. (yes we call it rice a toni) and grilled Pineapple. I don't like pineapple but I ate it anyway. and oh my goodness.... I LOVED IT!!! and we played Bowling and golf on the wii and Mario kart. by the time it was 11 i was so tired i didn't even know what was going on and we played for another hour. it was a really fun night.

Monday I went to the Zoo with my mom Jana and Brad and Erica and Devin and all the kids. it was soooo much fun! I loved the way their eyes lit up when they saw a new animal. especially Blake and Carson. I never have seen Carson so happy in my life. I remembered that i don't like animals very much but it was worth it see all the kids have fun. After that I went to Trafalga to Mini golf with Aubrey, Savannah and Kyle.  It was so fun. and at the end if you get a hole in one in the toilet you get a free round of mini golf. and of course I get the hole in one. can't wait to go again.

I have some amazing friends and am glad they are in my life. the only problem is the majority is that they are married. soooo that just means i need to find my Zac Efron soon so we can hang out more. I am starting to go to my ward that I am supposed to I better be finding my Zac sooner than later. I'm nervous for a new ward. but excited for the new adventrures. cause If you really knew me you'd know that I really hate change.

So I went to my internship today and at the end of the day they told me that the Dentist on mondays doesn't want an intern while he's there so the tuesday one doesn't care. so my 6 hours a week just turned into 3. so hopefully I can find a new one soon cause I only have 100 hours left of this and I can't wait to do this for a living.

Jessa also showed me a video that is really funny. what happened isn't funny at all but the way the guy reacted to it makes it hilarious.

And there you go!